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Grilloza Classic

Grilloza Classic premium fuel for barbecue is the best for preparation of long – lasting and strong fire ( for steaks, chicken with bones etc.). Customers can easily confuse, they think that it briquettes, coal or some other kind of product. But it’s much simpler than that: it is unprocessed vine, that is only sawn into smaller pieces.

Grilloza barbecue fuell is specific because of it’s high combustion temperature (about 800°C), while making barbecue the outer part of meat is caramelized and then the meat stays juicy. It differs from coal or briquettes by it’s light smoke –  that smoke of woody structure of vine enriches the smell and taste of prepared food.

Other benefits of using Grilloza fuel is lesser flame while grease is dripping on ember, while ash can be used as compost for plants. Also, Grilloza is eco-friendly product, because nature is not destroyed during the process of making the product.
And with everything else, your hands will stay clean even after making the barbecue – they won’t get dirty with coal dust like usual.
For a bonus, we are adding a gift with every Grilloza Classic purchased: igniter for easier fire-making and Caramba marinade (needs to be mixed with oil!) for even better taste!


How to use:
Collect the pieces into one pile shaped like a pyramide, put the igniter (you got it in the package) on the bottom of the pile and fire it up. Time of fire until the ultimate ember: 30 to 40 minutes. The quantity of one package is enough for 4 – 6 persons. You can use the box for lighting fire too, as well as for stirring the fire. Mix Caramba spice with oil and spread it over the meat 30 to 60 minutes before grilling.